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AM Purchasing is a company that was born in the mind and heart of two young Mechanical Engineers from the beautiful city of Volos, in order to create a new team with high Goals and high Quality and Responsibility at their products, on the mechanical manufacturing field.

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Sesklo, Volos
385 00, Greece

About Us

About AM PurchasingWe work for you since 2020

AM Purchasing G.P. specializes at manufacturing and at repairing products with high quality demands, with the only goal HIGH QUALITY.

Anyone operating the field of precision knows that even the tiniest of details really matter. Our customers around the world can depend on us as a partner capable of transforming even the most difficult of workpieces into reality. Because we listen very carefully and because we are never satisfied until your expectations are fulfilled – once everything fits perfectly.

Our Mission

Our company’s vision is to be recognised from leading European industries by manufacturing high quality products.

Our company’s main goal is to provide engineering solutions of high quality standards.

AM Purchasing ValuesThe values of our company

Our People
Integrity and Ethics

Creative teamWe have assembled the
best team to work with you

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