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AM Purchasing is a company that was born in the mind and heart of two young Mechanical Engineers from the beautiful city of Volos, in order to create a new team with high Goals and high Quality and Responsibility at their products, on the mechanical manufacturing field.

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Sesklo, Volos
385 00, Greece

Sheet Metal Processing


Sheet Metal Processing

We can offer a wide range of products in this sector. We have a lot of experience and quick delivery times.


We can provide quantities from 1 piece to 100.000 pieces and even more depending on your request.


  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Water-jet cutting
  • Punching


We work with all types of material, from structure to stainless material and others like aluminium, brass and etc.


How can I send you an offer?
By sending us an email at , with all the details of your need.
When can i have a sample delivered?
Contact with us, in order to have the best and quicker solution for you.
At which format you need the drawings?
You can send us PDF files for an offer, but for production the best is a Step File.

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