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AM Purchasing is a company that was born in the mind and heart of two young Mechanical Engineers from the beautiful city of Volos, in order to create a new team with high Goals and high Quality and Responsibility at their products, on the mechanical manufacturing field.

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Luxy: The #1 Dating App for Wealthy & irresistible Singles

The 411: From CEOs and millionaires, to Hollywood celebrities and doctors, Luxy is the only online dating app that exclusively provides the one percent, getting breathtaking and effective people with each other.

With 50-hour work weeks and continual traveling, rich and accomplished people hardly have sufficient time and energy to eat, let-alone sift through a large number of internet dating users to obtain a similar match.

To be able to fulfill somebody who pertains to their own lifestyles, they need a thing that’s effortless and suits their unique specific needs, and that’s precisely what Luxy really does.

Composed of entrepreneurs, investors, beauty queens, physical fitness designs, specialist sports athletes, lawyers plus, Luxy is the go-to matchmaking app if you are trying get in touch with profitable and attractive men and women like your self.

“I wished to make an app that ensures authentic folks, profiles and pro
personalities,” said Tim, Luxy’s President.

A good product which makes it possible to satisfy quality people

Unlike cookie-cutter internet dating sites that appear to pop-up each week, Luxy genuinely shines in this it includes numerous techniques so that you can meet the correct individual on a regional, national and international lesbian dating website degree.

Besides to be able to swipe through pages and talk to various other customers, Luxy has a Topics and minutes feature that will help you get in touch with a lot more singles the person you haven’t been matched with however, letting you go over anything from holiday travels to company programs.

The Luxy weblog also includes information regarding casting opportunities, market development and promotions which can be designed for rich men and women.

“There is updates to come that may provide more options. Luxy gives customers the maximum opportunity to relate genuinely to others, which makes it different,” Tim said.

Since Luxy may be the just matchmaking software that is specialized in singles in the one percent, the signup procedure has to be trustworthy.

Becoming a part, you ought to be acknowledged either by guaranteeing your earnings or becoming voted in by consumers on the opposite sex who consider you as appealing.

Not only performs this discerning system ensure that this site has high-caliber individuals, but inaddition it helps to ensure that the users tend to be as genuine as you possibly can.

“It is vital that Luxy means top quality on the app, not amount, and examining income permits us to do this,” the guy mentioned.

Locating your equal

If you are a well-off and good-looking person who’s finding your own other half, there’s really no better matchmaking app to work with than Luxy.

Plus Luxy is actually this type of so much more than simply an internet dating application.

The hardworking team behind the organization knows their particular consumers are incredibly hectic, so that they produced something that provides that lifestyle, preserving them a lot of time and guaranteeing they don’t discover merely anybody on the webpage.

Even conflict are unable to bring Luxy down, and with hundreds of thousands of people from across the world by using the application, you can see absolutely a high demand for it.

“Luxy makes it much simpler for all the elite 1 percent to hook up to those similar to them. Our people do not have time to consult with everybody, so when they join Luxy, they know they are getting top quality matches,” Tim mentioned.

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